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Cartoonist & Storyboard Artist, Concept / Character Designer & 3D Animation Student
4615 Mandalay, Royal Oak, MI 48073,

To obtain a position in the animation industry, with the opportunity to undertake greater responsibilities.


Current: Working on demo-reel in Lightwave 3D, character & concept art for proposed animated TV show, music CD cover with comic book insert, self-publishing line of mini-comix for debut at the Small Press Expo, October 2006

Recent: 2005: Online comic strip, "Shrub", @, to be concluded in the above mentioned self-published mini-comix

2002-2004: Online and in-store large display comic strips, "Poison Latte" and "Alien Talk Show Hosts Walk Among Us" for Thomas Video, Clawson MI, and online @

1997-1998: Staff Artist for Impact! Interactive!, Southfield, MI, responsible for producing storyboard, character and concept art, 3D Art, Flash animation and photo retouching for a project sold to the Microsoft Network (MSN).

1997: Designs, 3D art and storyboards for TV commercial promoting Modernistic Flood Control, Royal Oak, MI

1996: Concept / Storyboard artist on company videos for Northern Wire & Cable and Anicom Wire & Cable


Current: 3D Exchange (Lightwave 3D Certification), Joe Kubert's World of Cartooning (Inking, Story Graphics)

Previous: Motor City Comic Book Art Seminars, Macomb County Community College, Oakland Community College, Center For Creative Studies, Western Michigan University,